1. Which are the ways I can pay?

  •       Deposit account through to our office. (either the full amount or deposit if you want to pay the cash directly to our driver).

  • Cash directly to our driver.

  2. If I have already paid the amount of the transfer and this is canceled, will I lose my money?

      If the transfer is canceled 3 or less days before the scheduled date of occurrence, you lose 100% of the total amount.

  3. If the flight or my journey haw a delay, the driver will be waiting to receive me?

      Our partners are updated on the arrival times of flights and sailings possible delays. It is understood that they will wait to pick you up and transfer you to your destination without any additional  charge.

  4. What happens If I arrive earlier than the agreed time?

     Although usually our partners are earlier at the intersection, in this case, you should wait at the agreed point until our partner comes and pick you up. Also, you can contact out call center to give you directions or information as to where exactly our partner is.

   5. How will I recognize the man who will be waiting for me?

       Our representative will be waiting at the arrival area, holding a sign with your name. When you see it, you will be directed to him. A prerequisite is, of course, to have in use your mobile phone.

  6. What happens If I do not eventually meet your partner?

     The weakness of our partner to come and pick you up is a very rare and special occasion. Nevertheless, in case of failure of our partner, our call center will send you another car to pick you up and take you to your destination. In this, also, rare case that we will not be able to replace our partner with another, our call center will suggest you to take another taxi which costs will be incurred in our office and return the entire amount you have already paid to us. A prerequisite is, of course, to have in use your mobile phone.


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